The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


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What is the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan?
  • Park St 
  • Vinopolis Piazza 
  • Clink Street Lighting Installation 
  • Cross Bones Graveyard 
  • Green Wall at Borough Market 
  • Clink Street 
If you live or work in Bankside you are already aware of the rapid changes and new developments taking place every day. If we had a Bankside Neighbourhood Plan, it would help future developers and land owners have a better understanding of what locally is considered acceptable development.

Most people would agree that there will always be construction activity due to Bankside’s unique location in central London, the trick is to ensure that future schemes consider whether they are appropriate for Bankside to continue as a diverse and special neighbourhood.

At this stage, three draft principles that have been proposed to define how future developments should be measured:

  • Is it sensible – does a scheme add value to that location? Can it show that it will not create a detrimental impact on wider land uses.
  • Is it beneficial – does it improve Bankside’s overall offer in terms of ‘quality of life’ for everyone’s benefit? Can it show how it develops our local economic development ambitions, while improving the local wellbeing of people who live and work here.
  • Is it sustainable – how forward looking is a scheme? By approving a scheme are we certain it will not adversely affect urban growth by future generations.

The above principles are in-line with the government’s own views around the presumption in favour of sustainable development. Therefore, Bankside has been chosen as one of the pilot areas for the development of Neighbourhood Plans (described below as the plan) – as part of the government’s Localism agenda.

In making the designation, government has recognised the mixed use nature of Bankside and uniquely emphasised that a range of stakeholders from different sectors will need to be involved in the preparation of the plan. The process will also need to be as inclusive as possible.

We are now seeking to move the plan forward to the next stage by bringing local residents, businesses and other stakeholders together as a Forum to steer the preparation of the plan on behalf of the wider community. To a large extent this is uncharted territory, therefore it will be up to everyone in Bankside to jointly to shape and influence the outcome.

Link to Localism Act and Guidance